Unboxed is an experiment to build a micro-culture which promotes value based collaborations, we started with a firm belief that culture gets developed organically; you don’t superimpose culture. A culture where work becomes a medium of expression, an expression which coveys your sense of purpose and helps you bond with immediate micro society.Work environment should be regenerative it should not sap up the creativity rather add to it.

Why should there be boxes called work and life? Life should occur while working, hence the need to get UNBOXED!


Serviced office spaces have been existing for a while , but the need for human interaction, collaboration and sharing knowledge gave birth to the concept of coworking spaces, the first one as recent as 2006. Since then, the demand has roughly doubled each year. For the first time, individuals have access to the infrastructural facilities of a large office complex like recreational spaces, dining area, café, discussion rooms, conference rooms etc. along with an association of a work culture and a community.

Unboxed is an experimental coworking space in Noida that aims to create a holistic work culture . Its well designed office space , holistic workculture and a thriving community makes it ideal for freelancers , startups , Small teams and professionals looking forward to a whole new way to work !

Life should occur while working- GET UNBOXED!