COMMUNITY : diverse and connected

Freelance photographers , Social Impact Startups , Architects , Coders , Content writers , researchers , TechStartups , Professionals like CA , Lawyers , PR etc and many other people from diverse fields create a rich mosaic culture that runs through the Unboxed Community. 

This generates a community where dynamic ideas and thoughts are exchanged. Heterogeneous combination of large teams, startups and freelancers forms a diverse community of people. This generated in-numerous possibilities of professional collaborations and personal relations within the community.



Coworking spaces are a step ahead from managed office spaces and primarily aim at fostering collaborative work environments. Individuals have access to the infrastructural facilities of a large office complex like recreational spaces, roof top cafeteria, discussion rooms, conference rooms etc. along with an association of a work culture .

You can reach out to us for support, provide us your valuable feedback or get easy access to multiple in-house utilities meant for your assistance .



The idea of the essential toolkit for startups & SME is to bundle up the most essential and useful SAAS products and provide subscription benefits for them to explore the power of these products to revolutionise their work pattern !

Unboxed is an experimental coworking space in Noida that aims to create a holistic work culture . Its well designed office space , holistic workculture and a thriving community makes it an ideal workspace for your team. It's simply the best shared office space in Noida, providing a Hassle free, Flexible & cheap alternate to traditional fully furnished office space on rent .