Even BATMAN needs Coworking!

A short series that graphically depicts why coworking spaces are essential and have become part of everyday lives for us!



Batman is chosen in the lead role; somebody who is an epitome characterization of self-sufficiency. Lets see why a coworking environment is crucial to support his SUPER LIFESTYLE!

Batman needs coworking-page-001.jpg


#1 - daily distractions leave no time and reduce efficiency. in effect they reduce focus in doing the primary work

Batman needs coworking-page-002.jpg


#2 - you need to have a very strong balance between your work and life. Multi-tasking requires an efficient support system ready at all times!

Batman needs coworking-page-003.jpg


#3 - everyone needs space for brainstorming and for making strategies. call your squad and bring disruption! 

Batman needs coworking-page-004.jpg


#4 - Motivation is essential to all of us, even Batman! Working with other awesome individuals keeps us motivated at all times.

Batman needs coworking-page-005.jpg


# 5 - Some meetings should only be made in public and not at home. Especially the ones that are crucial for Business!

Batman needs coworking-page-006.jpg


#6 - Networking allows visibility. Visibility allows more business opportunities. Don't stay put in your comfort zones, break away and get plugged into the ecosystem!

Batman needs coworking-page-007.jpg


#7 - Don't let the logistics take your creativity down. Break away from repetitive and mundane works, let someone else handle that for you. Concentrate on the things you are good at!

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#8 - Lastly and the most important of all is your team. Expand and grow your team under the same roof!

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