WORKSPACE : FLExibility and utility 

With a Workspace for all your specific needs and an amazing work-culture for value addition, Unboxed Coworking space in Noida is redefining the way people work . 


Unboxed's shared office space has been strategically planned  to create a balance of private and collaborative areas catering to the need for focus and interaction. Open & connected work halls, Semiprivate work-clusters & private cabins for teams have been complimented with a variety of other collaborative zones to instigate interactions and networking opportunities .
Ample of natural light & access to outdoor green spaces causes anxiety and stress at work.

Unboxed's shared office space is equipped with complete facilities like High-speed internet , Powerbackup , Admin and IT Support , Meeting and Conference spaces , Caferteria , Printers & scanners. Its an office space providing a completely managed solution so that your focus remains on your work !


Freelance photographers , Social Impact Startups , Architects , Coders , Content writers , researchers , TechStartups , Professionals like CA , Lawyers , PR etc and many other people from diverse fields create a rich mosaic culture that runs through the Unboxed Community. 

Multiple Events  in-house and through partnerships and a workspace specifically designed for interactions provides a conducive environment for collaboration and networking to thrive. The community acts as one big family where coworkers end up working together , hiring each other , learning and mentoring each other and providing an overall culture of support, conducive for individual growth.


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Unboxed is an experimental coworking space in Noida that aims to create a holistic work culture . Its well designed office space , holistic workculture and a thriving community makes it ideal for freelancers , startups , Small teams and professionals looking forward to a whole new way to work !

Life should occur while working- GET UNBOXED!