A one of its kind UX hack-a-thon where startups post a challenge around a user goal they want to achieve and contributors submit their personalized solutions of what can be tweaked/improved to get closer to the goal.

It is meant for B2C Startups looking forward to get quick improvements, visibility & potential young talent. It is also meant for FRESHERS AND PROFESSIONALS who would like to  Showcase their UX and Product Management skills by giving quick solutions to startup problems. And get rewarded as well!

Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

UnBoxed Coworking in collaboration with MBASTAR is organising a Digital Marketing 101 Workshop on Friday, Oct. 21st, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, which will be conducted by Sunil Barsaiyan, Digital Marketing Lead at Amity Education Group. All the Entrepreneurs, Employers, Professionals, Employees, Students, Freelancers, soon-to-be Professionals should definitely attend this workshop.

Swaraj - Workshop

Swaraj - Workshop

What if you were told that sustain development had very little to do with what the world is focusing on these days – Renewable Energy, green building, clean energy, smart cities and alternative fuels?

What if you were told that the language you spoke, the food you ate, and the clothes you wore, influence your impact on the climate more than anything else does?

What if the stories and songs you heard in your childhood determine whether you would grow up to protect the environment, or destroy it through sheer apathy?

Diwali Celebrations

Happiness is in the air, Its Diwali everywhere,
let’s show some love and care and wish everyone out there!!

We are organizing a Diwali celebration day on the 6th of November (Friday). The day would comprise of Rangoli competition, lunch, crafty workshops, games, movie screenings etc. All that is required from you is to come in traditional attires. 

When : 
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM,  6th Nov (Friday)
What : 
2:30 - 3:30 : decoration & rangoli competition                                                                              
3:30 - 4:30 : Lunch & interaction
4:30 - 5:30 : workshops & Movie screening
5:30 - 7:00 : games and dance party
7:00 - 7:30 : Diya lighting
How :
register with Deepali ( First Floor )-9818667255
Cost per person ( Rs 250-)


“ Decoration & Rangoli Competition”

This time no stone shall be left unturned, its tough competition and let’s see who proves to be the best team. The following teams will fight each other –
1. Sopan ke naujawano – 
Area Allocated: Reception and entrance (Ground Floor)
2. Saat Badalon ka Jhund – 
Area Allocated: Reception ( First Floor)
3. Resto Prayogshala –
Area Allocated : Dining Room ( First Floor)
4. Chaukor aur unke saathi
Area Allocated : Back staircase entry and planted setback
5. Safaid kauwa wali team
Area Allocated : Second Floor Hall
6. Intelli Praudyōgikī 1
Area Allocated : First Floor Hall Part -1
7. Intelli Praudyōgikī 2
Area Allocated : First Floor Hall Part -2
8. Intelli Praudyōgikī 3
Building Entrance


 “ Origami lamp & diya workshop”

About the Workshop:
Origami is fun, creative, and amazing.  Join us as we explore
the world of paper folding, to create simple yet astonishing
lamps and diyas. We will provide you with all the material
and you get to take with you the lamp and diya that you
learn and create.

What you need to Get :
Nothing But Yourself.

About the facilitator:
Lavanya nemani
Lavanya is a part time origamy enthusiast, and a full time Physics student. its her talent to create beautiful forms from nothing but simple paper folds !!

Objects you will explore in the workshop:
Paper Lamp and Paper Diya holders.

 “ Handicraft - objects workshop”

About the workshop:
India has rich heritage in the field of handicrafts. Making handicrafts is not limited to a few village based crafts artists. You can also be a part of this rich and colorful world by being a part of this workshop and learning how to create a beautiful handcrafted fabric based bookmark. The best part is that you get to take this beautiful bookmark with you.
You would be provided with all the raw materials and taught how to create a bookmark with your own hands. You can choose from the given accessories to give your creation your own signature style.

What you need to get:
Loads of enthusiasm

About the facilitators:
Sandeep and Gunjeet: Together they run Crafty Hands, the handicrafts company, creating handcrafted articles for modern living. Sandeep is also a Wedding Trousseu Stylist while Gunjeet is a Software Architect. 

Object explored in the workshop: Handicraft Bookmarks

Adobe Block Series

Adobe Block Series

This series is all about making, breaking and learning!
Started off with the making adobe blocks and using hydrated lime as the stabilizing agent. Various sample sets are made with different proportions of lime and mud.

At the stage-2; the blocks are tested after 2 weeks of drying in cool and shaded space. All the stages shall be added to the album to keep you updated.

Check out the testing results!