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Event : Unwind the mind

Entrepreneurship can be a lot stressful. Since we can't necessarily avoid most stress especially in our work environment it is to our benefit to learn how to deal with it. Zyego is, therefore, conducting a workshop which is all about managing your stress successfully.


Date : 14th December , Thursday
Time : 6:00 PM -8:00 PM
Place : Unboxed Cwoorking , First Floor
Entry Fee : Free Entry

Facebook Page : UnWind the Mind



Zyego : counselling helpline

Zyego is a mobile app based counselling helpline. Their motto is to help people cope with emotional and psychological issues with dignity and respect and developed products and services to improve their quality of life.

Arindam Sen, Founder
A corporate banker turned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience with institutions such as IL&FS, GE capital and Deutsche bank. He was motivated to start this service for a reliable and sustainable emotional support system for individual without extended family support. He takes a keen interest in technology architecture of the Zyego platform.

Nita Dutta Roy
Nita is the key execution person in the team and brings a hard nosed reality check to ideas and projects with a strict and determined execution style. She is also the chief people officer of the team and manages the entire team of psychologists with their schedules, work formats and requirements at a micro level with a unique blend of energy and enthusiasm.



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