"Let us discuss it and we will let you know". A phrase you often hear at the end of your client meet. Sadly, sometimes you never get to hear again from your clients.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Let's face it, it happens to everyone of us. Research suggests 66% of clients are not willing to give second chance to a business, if they had a poor first impression.

I never imagined office space could be exciting and Unboxed is truly a melting pot of ideas :) If you are in construction industry, this is the place to be in.

We wish, we could offer you a magic wand for success. But we do have something for you.

One key aspect which subconsciously affects your client is -  environment. Let's see a how a professional meeting space adds value:



It’s good to have people around from the same kind of profession. It’s simply help us on a small and long terms basis. This kind of environment help me in the evolution of my thought process. We always had doubts in mind and there are people who can solve in seconds. That make me more confident while working on projects.
— Javed, Chaukor Studio