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We are an early stage Startup incubators, which provide hands-on resource people for these startups in the first 1 or 2 years of their entrepreneurial journey. We invest in startups which we are trying to address some unaddressed “needs” using innovate business models. In other words, we love to support startups which use proven consumerist strategies of turning “wants” to “needs” the other way round.

We actively work towards creating shared human capital, so that all our portfolio startups can leverage them as and when needed

Email your CV at
vijay@intellisoft-services.com with “Application for People Officer ( Social Asset Evangelist ) “as subject.

Job Title:  People Officer ( Social Asset Evangelist )

One can view this role as that of an Independent Human Resource Specialist who helps in designing and executing strategies related to
team and capacity building for various entrepreneurial teams directly in conjunction with the founder(s) of those startups.
These startups can be as small as 2 people to as large as 50 people. 

You may not get a chance with all of our startups, as that may be too overwhelming but you surely will get a chance to work deeply with
some of them and forge one-to-one bond with their teams and founders.


Cultivating people networks – academic or otherwise, which may have symbiotic fitment with our shared value system.
Devise and execute innovative ways to attract talent funnel for our startups.
Devise and execute ways to assess talent for their attitude, aptitude and skills, make the process more scientific than voodoo.
Innovate and execute effective people engagement strategies, which will help individuals to explore themselves better and form
deeper value based connections in their ecosystem thus helping both individuals and startups tap their collaborative potential


We give more weight to aptitude and attitude than a degree certificate, so if you think you fit the bill we are fine.
Excellent command in English and Hindi.
You count yourself as a people’s person, who not only holds rich conversations but can convert them into action too.
Analytical bent of mind, as in you are able to visualize strategies and their underlying impact.
Ability to operate independently with minimal supervision.
Deep interest in human psychology, especially social psychology.
Excellent hands-on skills in social and digital media.
Computer savvy with reasonable operating knowledge of using MS office tools.

Desirable Experience
We don’t expect any specific years of work experience, but we would prefer demonstrated experience in two spectrums:
Demonstrated ability to make abstract plans and coherently explain why it was made in that way, like planning a high-touch youth
event and explain why certain alternatives were accepted or rejected.
Demonstrated ability to engage and connect with crowd in demanding situations, ability to think on your feet.

3.0– 4.2 Lakhs (based on skills and initiation)

Send your CV at vijay@intellisoft-services.com  with “Application for People Officer ( Social Asset Evangelist ) “as subject.


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