Events, past and upcoming are meant as catalysts to trigger your imaginations, learn new things, develop industry specific skills, network and grow together and the workshops to get your hands dirty, do things in real-time, make and break , bring-out the creator in you.



Unboxed Coworking by connecting to networks at both regional and global level, are leveraging the  power of networking for its members. From startup communities, Financial Institutions , think tanks, Unboxed Coworking  by connecting to various stake holders is creating a powerful virtual network of knowledge and resources directed towards growth of companies.


Event and workshops meant for learning , experimenting and focused towards grow are all critical additions to the overall experience of the Unboxed coworking space. The rich diversity in the events held at Unboxed provides experiences across all fields and creates new opportunities for coworkers to learn and engage ! 

Unboxed is an experimental coworking space in Noida that aims to create a holistic work culture . Its well designed office space , holistic workculture and a thriving community makes it ideal for freelancers , startups , Small teams and professionals looking forward to a whole new way to work !

Life should occur while working- GET UNBOXED!